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Blister packaging is a concept that meets the demand for a self-extolling sales method. Thanks to the transparent character of blister packaging, products present themselves, thereby generating optimal exposure. However, the products to be sold stay safely enclosed in the packaging, hence remaining new and undamaged.


Within the blister packaging category, the heat seal blister packaging and the clamshell blister packaging are by far the most frequently used types worldwide. The heat seal blister packaging consists of a thermoformed blister and one single blister card. The attractive blister card helps promote your product, and the transparent blister simultaneously protects your product and makes it visible. The clamshell blister packaging consists of a thermoformed front blister and a back blister with a piece of carton or paper stuck between the blisters. Clamshell blisters can be sealed by means of high-frequency sealing, ultrasonic sealing or simple heat sealing. The choice of sealing method depends on the plastic that is used.


?It is also possible to choose a folding clamshell blister that can be closed by simply clicking together the front and back of the blister.


Andere mogelijkheden zijn de onder andere coldseal blisterverpakking, schuifblisterverpakking en kartonnen blisterverpakking


Rutgers has the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best possible blister packaging so that your product can stand out on store shelves. We have a carefully selected network of plastic processors so that we can make you a fitting offer in this area.