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Blister cards are a form of blister packaging. Blister packaging consists of a blister and a blister card, with the blister card forming the backbone of the packaging. These are products that sell themselves. The blister pack is a concept that meets the demand for a self-promoting sales method. Because the packaging is transparent, allowing optimal exposure, the product can present itself.


Blister packaging ensures optimal visibility of the product, but prevents the product from becoming damaged or dirty. This is because the packaging is completely sealed. There are several types of blister packaging, such as heat seal, cold seal, sliding, and clamshell blister packaging.


There is also mono-blister packaging, which is made entirely of carton. This blister packaging is therefore a perfect sustainable solution.


Do you offer products that sell themselves and therefore need to be clearly visible? Rutgers will be happy to advise you on the best possible blister packaging. We have a carefully selected network of plastic processors at our disposal, so that we can make you a suitable offer. Of course, we have all the knowledge and experience in-house to help you decide and provide you with the appropriate advice regarding professional blister packaging.

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