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“Folding carton is versatile, sustainable, made from renewable resources, and recyclable. It is a material we are proud of.”



Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions has a history stretching back for over a century. Our company was founded in January 1905 under the name N.V. Drukkerij Cartonnagefabriek en Brocheerinrichting Rutgers. Many things have changed since then. The market has seen many developments, and we have grown with these developments and innovations. Rutgers is now, more than a century on, a modern enterprise. As a medium-sized graphics company, we developed to become a specialist in the field of folding carton packaging.


Needless to say, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years, which we are now using to create the best possible end product for you. We enjoy collaborating with you because we believe that the perfect packaging is always the result of good interaction between the producer and the client.


When we start working on your packaging, we have a clear goal in mind: we want to offer you the packaging that is perfect for you, your company, and your target group. We are a single point of contact, saving you money and time. On top of that, better packaging reduces handling, protection, and logistics costs.


The demand for diversity in the world of packaging is growing, and we are optimally equipped for this. We combine higher volumes with shorter print runs to avoid unnecessary costs within the supply chain - for example, loss due to obsolescence, but also stock management of course. We have tailored all our processes to guarantee high quality, excellent service, and good speed of delivery. For you, these guarantees mainly mean that you benefit from greater flexibility, so that you can respond to the vagaries of the market


Packaging plays an important role in the sale of your product and directly adds value in terms of turnover and profit. The best packaging ensures better sales, reduced costs, and risk management. But that's not all. These days, it's all about sustainability and conservation. If you opt for good packaging, you improve the sustainability of your company. We specialise in the design, development, innovation, and production of sustainable packaging.


In order to create the best packaging for you, we have an ideal mix within our processes. This is a mix of innovative, creative, and specialised solutions. This mix is combined with optimal professional knowledge and broad practical experience within our company and our network. We offer all expertises under the same roof to guarantee the perfect packaging for you.



We want to offer our customers the best on a daily basis. We do this by applying the right core values to our work. Over the years, we have developed five strong core values:

• Result oriented
• Innovative
• The organisation above the individual
• A winning attitude
• Not a job, but a responsibility


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