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“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”
  Paolo Coelho

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, fits in perfectly with the way Rutgers is shaping the company. We like to do business in this way and therefore have a CSR policy based on ISO 26000, an international guidance on CSR. Our company should not just be profitable; it should also be an attractive and reliable employer, supplier, and business partner. As part of our CSR vision, we embrace ethical business practices and respect and support globally accepted human rights and labour rights. We strive for better opportunities for the well-being of our employees, society, and a better environment.


Folding carton fits in perfectly with the circular economy we are striving for. In a circular economy, raw materials are kept in use longer and retain their value in the chain, instead of being discarded after a single use. Both the economic preservation of value and the creation of new value are key, and this is precisely why folding carton is such a good fit here. Folding carton has excellent circular properties: it can be renewed and recycled. The emphasis in the life cycle is on keeping wood fibre in the loop.


For companies, it is important to focus on sustainability and the preservation of business processes and products. You can create a stronger brand by using sustainable folding carton packaging. This is an easy way to add a wow factor to your brand and also produce your products with a good feeling.

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FSC® is a well-known environmental label that focuses on sustainable and responsible forest management. Ecolabels help companies and consumers make sustainable choices. A label has to prove its worth, and this is guaranteed by an independent control when the label is awarded to certain products. Folding carton is a renewable resource. FSC® guarantees that the raw material used in folding carton comes from responsibly managed forests.


Rutgers is FSC® (FSC® C018419) certified. This means that we can always offer you the guarantee that we work with good paper and carton that has been produced in a responsible manner.

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