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The sales success of a product is partly determined by its packaging. As an entrepreneur, you want to be sure that the packaging of your products is as effective as possible. Rutgers has all the knowledge and expertise in-house as regards the production, characteristics, and possibilities in the world of packaging materials and resources. We are happy to exchange ideas with you and always offer you the best advice. Do you want a totally new packaging? Then we can offer you expert advice. We are also happy to advise you on potential improvements to existing packaging and the possibility to save costs.

Packaging should not only suit the product, but also perfectly meet the needs of the target group and your brand positioning at the point of sale. Ultimately, you want to use packaging that really works for you in all areas. We are happy to help you find such packaging. Do you need smart packaging for new products, or do you want to update your existing packaging? We can discuss this with you and help you find the best packaging solutions. In the end, we create a unique concept that  is then translated into a compelling packaging design.

Stock management plays a key role. It is not only important to have enough products in stock, but you also need to make sure you always have enough packaging at your disposal. At Rutgers, stock management can easily be done online via an Internet portal. Here, you can request information 24/7, check the available economic stock, and place your own orders. This so-called e-commerce module also offers you the possibility to request management information in Excel format.

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