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A carton sleeve is packaging that is slid over an existing packaging and is open on both sides, so that the existing packaging remains visible on these sides. A sleeve enhances the appearance of your product and creates room to display extra information and increase brand value. Carton sleeves are often used in the food market for fresh-meal containers, among other things.


Carton sleeves are also available with one open side, also known as three-arm packaging. This more luxurious packaging is often used for ready-made meals.


The shape of the carton sleeve is adapted to the shape of the existing packaging, around which the sleeve has to fit nicely. With this in mind, carton sleeves come in many shapes and sizes. Carton sleeves can be slid around various types of existing packaging, such as cardboard boxes or plastic trays. We deliver the carton sleeves glued to size, so that you only have to press the sleeves open and slide them around the existing packaging of the product. This can be done mechanically or manually.

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