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Header cards are known by several names, such as head cards, topper cards, and shelf cards. Header cards are being used more and more, mainly because of the variety of possible applications. Header cards serve two important functions. Firstly, they ensure that the consumer receives full information about the product and its possible uses. Secondly, they ensure that the bag is properly sealed, so that the product is well protected. This is certainly possible with the special sealable cards, also known as poly header cards.


Poly header cards have a special coating on the back, which can adhere to various materials. This also makes it possible to close the bags and provide them with a header card in a single operation. As a result, the packaging is perfectly closed and can easily be hung for a nice presentation.


Header cards usually have a simple shape with straight lines and angles, but there are several other possibilities too. Rutgers can punch the header cards into various individual shapes, as required. The header cards can be fitted with a euro slot, or euro lock, so they can be hung on the standard euro-lock hanging system used in many shops. In this way, you can provide your product with a header card that perfectly matches the product.

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