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Folding carton offers important benefits as a packaging material. It is sustainable, recyclable, made from renewable resources, and is also very versatile. It is a material we are proud of and that you, as an entrepreneur, can also certainly be proud of. Many brand owners and retailers have made sustainability and circularity part of their business strategy. Folding carton packaging can help achieve these sustainability objectives. This always works to your advantage.


You want to present your products in an attractive, unique, and compelling way. This is always possible with folding carton. Its high flexibility means that a lot is possible when it comes to creative design. You present your products just the way you want. Folding carton not only retains its shape and is sturdy and attractive, but it is also excellent for printing. And because it is easy to stack, you ensure optimal logistic efficiency. Folding carton offers a food-safe packaging solution that is manufactured according to strict European guidelines.


Folding carton packaging offers optimal benefits to entrepreneurs. Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions is the number one specialist in folding carton packaging. As a specialist in these packaging solutions, we can make folding carton packaging for virtually any product. Thanks to the wide applicability of folding carton, many types of packaging are possible. In most cases, this concerns short to medium runs which are used for the professional packaging of both food and non-food products.


In the food sector, it is obviously very important to use food-safe packaging. When making folding carton packaging for this sector, we pay great attention to aspects that play a role in this in the development of the packaging. We ensure that the packaging meets all the requirements for coming into direct contact with food. Rutgers is certified by BRCGS Packaging Materials and thus complies with the requirements with regard to food safety guarantees.


The world of folding carton is multifaceted and actually knows no boundaries. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choice of material, design, and of course printing. With folding carton, your packaging can truly meet all your needs and wants. Of course, we are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your packaging. Do you also want striking, professional, and amazing packaging? With sustainable folding carton packaging, you create a stronger brand.

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